T-shirt Screen Printing

I had a go at t-shirt printing, I’m not that into images on clothes (!) so I ummed and arred about what to draw and decided on some abstract forms which were surprisingly hard to get right. I had to mix the acrylic paint with an acrylic medium at about a 60/40 ratio so that the splats would expose a printable amount of detail. After some trial and error I made templates to control the shape outcome and then covering one sheet in 60/40 medium/paint and sandwiching the template pressed & peeled mark resist over on top. Nothing is every as easy as it appears. The actual printing was fine although the flat beds & drying racks weren’t very helpful and I had some casualties to getting marks on the shirt and a couple where the ink soaked through to the back before I realized you have to put a sheet of paper between the layers of fabric to catch the excess ink.