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Challenging & Aggressive Behavior

With Susan Lawrence Ingredients & Techniques Listen Demonstrate Understanding Make a clear, specific request Stick & repeat (adapt if their response merits) Describe behavior specifically, don’t label the person Avoid endless repetition – assertively end interaction in this case. Fruit and Roots to Anger The tree roots are universal, archtypical reasons to be angry: Being… Read more »

Multi-stakeholder Co-op workshop

Held by Stir magazine and facilitated by Bristol’s own Kate Whittle this workshop was a participatory process for exploring how to balance different stake holder interests along co-operative value lines and explore the benefits and obstacles faced by existing MSH co-ops. Kate emphasised that like all co-operative models, co-operative skills are the most essential element of organising in… Read more »

Using Graph Databases for Investigative Journalism workshop with Leila Haddou

Expediting and visualising data analysis Using Neo4J. Building a node (your data point) and your database: Note: Syntax not case sensitive but labels are. CREATE (n:Node{ id:”ID”,attribute:attribute}) () creating the bubble aka the node CREATE command blindly goes through each line of the csv looking for matches. MERGE command goes through every line and checks if… Read more »

New Economy Organisers Network

Neon‘s Campaign Fundraising workshop notes. Fundraising through philanthropic foundations application process cycle based on a funder and fundraisers presentations: What you want to do? How far can you get without finding? Plan with a team, people are assets not just beneficiaries. Hope for the best, plan for the worst. Find some one who wants to… Read more »

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Designing Authentic Fictions with Ken Eklund

A Fantastic day long workshop with Ken Eklund (organised by the amazing Jess Linington for the Digital Cultures Research Centre hosted at the Pervasive Media Centre… I’m always wowed by how much INTERESTING one city can hold) where Ken with puppet master skills gamed us into designing and pitching an authentic fiction targeting an ecological issue which we were to… Read more »