Economics Learning Resources

New Economics Foundations short series on the history of Neoliberalism. Tim Jacksons Prosperity Without Growth & Kate Radorths lecture introducing her book Doughnut Economics. David Bollier’s very accessible book Think like a Commoner introducing the history and principles of commoning followed by Elinor Ostroms The Future of the Commons. Beth Stratford talk on the housing market.

Multi-stakeholder Co-op workshop

Held by Stir magazine and facilitated by Bristol’s own Kate Whittle this workshop was a participatory process for exploring how to balance different stake holder interests along co-operative value lines and explore the benefits and obstacles faced by existing MSH co-ops. Kate emphasised that like all co-operative models, co-operative skills are the most essential element of organising in […]

Using Graph Databases for Investigative Journalism workshop with Leila Haddou

Expediting and visualising data analysis Using Neo4J. Building a node (your data point) and your database: Note: Syntax not case sensitive but labels are. CREATE (n:Node{ id:”ID”,attribute:attribute}) () creating the bubble aka the node CREATE command blindly goes through each line of the csv looking for matches. MERGE command goes through every line and checks if […]